TOPSTOR provides intelligent and automatic material handling solution for all types of warehouses, regardless shape or size. All solutions are tailor made for each customer to increase the storage capcity and reduce the operational cost. 


I-CUBE 3D SHUTTLE is the most advanced material handling equipment for automatic stroage, retrieve and handling of pallets. Based on the application, one or several 3D shuttles can work together. The 3D shuttle slides on racking in both directions with wireless control.



TOPSTOR builds up partnership with many international material handling companies and provide automatic, intelligent and high density storage solutions for Chinese customers, including I-CUBE 3D Shuttle system, Master shuttle system, AS/RS system and AFB Telecopic forks system. 


MINI DOUBLE SHUTTLE is used for the pallet storage and retrieve with wireless control. The shuttle move along the rails inside the racking and provide high density storage. The shuttle can work with difference equipment such as forklifts, stack cranes and masters to meet the intralogistic demand


TOPSTORE provides various kinds of intelligent solutions to customers. Please check our products and service and find the most suitable solutions for your demand.


The AFB Miniload is one of the new and lightweight generation of load handling devices (LHD) for containers. A very compact lightweight aluminium construction with 2m/s high speed makes AFB Miniload as the 1st choice for many system integrators all around the world.



TOPSTOR is built up by Chinese and European experts in material handling industry. Since 2009, TOPSTOR has been engaged in international cooperation between Chinese and foreign companies in material handling fields. So far TOPSTOR has helped several international system integrators to enter Chinese market successfully and built up long term partnership with many Chinese system integrators. 


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